Gaining Access to the Early Universe
Smeenk, C.
Do we need to reconsider scientific methodology in light of modern physics? Has the traditional scientific method become outdated, does it need to be defended against dangerous incursions …
T-dual cosmological solutions in double field theory
Brandenberger, R. et al.
We investigate the cosmological solutions coming from the double field theory equations of motion after coupling a matter source to them. Assuming constant dilaton and imposing the section c..
T-dual cosmological solutions in double field theory II
Brandenberger, R. et al.
In this paper we present cosmological solutions of double field theory in the supergravity frame and in the winding frame which are related via T-duality. In particular, we show that the sol…
A Note on Saari’s Treatment of Rotation Curve Analysis
Kadowaki, K.
An analysis of analytical methods for computing galactic masses on the basis of observed rotation curves is shown to be flawed.
Geometry and Motion in General Relativity
Weatherall, J. O.
A classic problem in general relativity, long studied by both physicists and philosophers of physics, concerns whether the geodesic principle may be derived from other principles of the theo…
Dark Energy in the Swampland
Brandenberger, R. et al.
In this article, we study the implications of string swampland criteria for dark energy in view of ongoing and future cosmological observations. If string theory should be the ultimate quant…
Dark Energy in the Swampland II
Brandenberger, R. et al.
In this recent Letter [1], we studied the implications of string Swampland conjectures for quintessence models of dark energy. A couple of days ago, a paper appeared [2] which refers to our …
Inflation and the Origins of Structure
Smeenk, C.
Guth (Phys. Rev. D 23:347–56, 1981) provided a persuasive rationale for inflationary cosmology based on its ability to solve fine-tuning problems of big bang cosmology. Yet one of the most i…
Beyond Standard Inflationary Cosmology
Brandenberger, R.
The inflationary scenario is not the only paradigm of early universe cosmology which is consistent with current observations. General criteria will be presented which any successful early u …
Dual Space-Time and Nonsingular String Cosmology
Brandenberger, R. et al.
Making use of the T-duality symmetry of superstring theory and of the double geometry from double field theory, we argue that cosmological singularities of a homogeneous and isotropic univer…


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