Call for Seed Fellowship Applications

We invite interested scholars to apply for funds to support research related to the New Directions in the Philosophy of Cosmology project. This funding was originally intended to support short research visits to Western, UCI or McGill, and can still be used for that purpose.  But in light of the pandemic we will allow the seed fellowships to be used to support research-related expenses of various forms.

Applications must include: a CV, a brief (1-2 pages) project proposal, and budget (1 page).  The proposal should describe the aims of the research project. The budget proposal must account for how the requested funds (up to US $5,000) would be spent to support the project, such as salary support for the researcher.  If the funding is to be used to support a visit, the letter should discuss feasibility of the visit in light of travel restrictions, as well as specifying a prospective date and location. We may request further information regarding fellowship applications, such as letters of reference for junior candidates, in order to evaluate the proposal.

We especially encourage applications from women and underrepresented minorities.  Proposals will be evaluated on a rolling basis, and the final date for submission is March 5 2021.

Please send letters and any direct correspondence to: