Course Materials & Curricula

Spacetime Singularities Syllabus (Manchak & Weatherall, 2019)

Philosophy of Cosmology Course Outline (Smeenk, 2018)

Cosmology Seminar Syllabus (Weatherall, 2018)

Other Philosophy of Cosmology Online Resources

Bibliography on Philosophy of Cosmology

New Directions in Philosophy of Cosmology grant announcement (John Templeton Foundation)

Oxford Annotated Bibliography for the Philosophy of Cosmology.

Smeenk, Christopher and Ellis, George, “Philosophy of Cosmology“, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Winter 2017 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.)

Smeenk, C. “Philosophy of Cosmology,” in Oxford Handbook for the Philosophy of Physics, edited by R. Batterman. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2013), pp. 607-652.

PhilPapers – Philosophy of Cosmology category page

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