Dimitrios Athanasiou

Dimitrios is a doctoral student in Philosophy at Western University. Currently, his research interests are focused on the Foundations of Physical Theories, but he is also intrigued by recent developments in Cognitive Science and the History of Philosophy (especially Early Modern Philosophy and Existentialism).

Dimitrios was intrigued early on by questions concerning the nature of reality and how we come to know about it. He has always believed that any attempt to shed light on these topics should be informed by our best scientific theories. This motivated him to study Mathematics as an undergraduate student. Yet, he found that the way research is conducted in Science is sometimes too restrictive to tolerate the tackling of such “centrifugal” questions and unsurprisingly he was finally caught in the orbit of Philosophy instead.

After obtaining his BSc in Mathematics, he decided to pursue an MSc in History and Philosophy of Science – both at the University of Athens, Greece. In his Master Thesis Dimitrios tried to examine the way various Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics attempt to respond to the (in)famous “measurement problem”.