Reheating after S-Brane Ekpyrosis

In recent work, two of us proposed a nonsingular Ekpyrotic cosmology making use of an S-brane which forms at the end of the phase of Ekpyrotic contraction. This S-Brane mediates a transition between contraction and expansion. Graviitational waves passing through the S-Brane acquire a roughly scale-invariant spectrum, and if the S-Brane has zero shear, then a roughly scale-invariant spectrum of cosmological perturbatiions results. Here, we study the production of gauge field fluctuations driven by the decay of the S-Brane, and we show that the reheating process via gauge field production will be efficient, leading to a radiation-dominated expanding phase.

Robert Brandenberger, Reheating after S-Brane Ekpyrosis, APS Physics